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Changing the world one meal at a time!

The urgent threat of a changing climate in today’s world is something we all need to be conscious of. The matter of environmental awareness and sustainability is no longer an issue which can be ignored but a fundamental factor in the running of any business.

We stock catering disposables from Vegware – the UK’s leading eco catering supplier.

Our Mission

A sustainable future for our children.

Our aim to help you and your business reduce your carbon footprint and increase your environmental sustainability. By providing packaging which is compostable, eco-friendly and reusable, your customers will no longer need to feel guilty about the environmental impact of their takeaway and feel safe in the knowledge that they are using an environmentally friendly option.

Eco-friendly products made from plants have risen in popularity greatly in recent years and we are committed to providing products which will reduce your business’ environmental impact. Contact us today to find out more about the range we can offer.